A River Returns What Has Fallen

[flickr id="6333164730" thumbnail="medium" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="center"] I was walking along the banks of a river and noticed these leafs floating across the surface. I moved from side to side to find an interesting angle and, as I did so, the reflection of the bare trees on the far bank came into play. I couldn't help but notice the visual trick of replacing the fallen leafs back upon the trees. I made a few shots but wasn't very happy with the outcome. At that point, I deliberately underexposed and, voila, I was much happier.

Trunk Divergence

[flickr id="6264947558" thumbnail="medium" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="center"] While photographing in a forest preserve, I noticed these five trunks growing up out of the ground in a tight circle. I thought it would be a perfect use of my fisheye/ultra-wide angle zoom, so I leaned over as far as I could (so as  not to get my foot in the frame) and made the photo.


[flickr id="6259872014" thumbnail="medium" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="center"] Autumn is such a richly visual season. I love finding those quiet yet meaningful moments during a fall day. For this photograph, I pulled over into a forest preserve grove and just wandered around for a while with camera in hand. I eventually came upon this cluster of dead leafs lingering on the branch. I used my ultra-wide angle/fisheye lens to capture the tree in the background to add some context to the scene.


Fallen I was driving along when I spotted an entrance to a forest preserve. On a whim, I pulled in and went for a little walk. I noticed this hefty branch that had fallen in the clearing, and particularly liked the way the trees behind it played off of it in a pleasing way. I put my Lensbaby on my camera with the notion of emphasizing the branch while adding a touch of visual interest to the background trees as they swept up toward the sky.

Selling the Holiday

Selling the Holiday My wife and I were out and about during a snow storm when we saw a x-mas tree lot on the far north-west side of Chicago. I just knew it was ripe for photographing so we went around the block and as I got a view of the other side of the lot, I saw this trailer and the string of lights. Immediately we knew it would make for a great shot.

Tree Trumps Fence

Tree Trumps Fence

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We spent the afternoon walking an art fair in Oak Park, IL. We were delighted to spend some time with our artist friends. Behind one of the tents, I saw this fabulous tree, the fence that accommodated it, and the perfectly colored house behind it. I paused to grab a photo and then went back to talking with our friends.

Open (Rural Green Shed) (075/365 03-16-2010)

As I was driving around today, I decided to turn around by heading off the main road onto a small two-lane. I happened to notice this green shed just ahead so I pulled up, made the photograph, then continued on my way.

Slow-Mobiles Only (010/365 01-10-2010)

I was driving through Chicago's western suburbs this morning, and pulled into a forest preserve parking lot to see if I could find anything interesting, and these signs were right at the entrance.

Four Wheel Drive (008/365 01-08-2010)

As I was out driving today, I pulled over to make a few photographs, but wasn't very happy with what I was getting. I walked back to the car and just got inspired to get down nice and low and make a photo of the snow by the tire.

Birch and Blue (308/365 11-04-09)

On our way in to work this morning, I managed to make this photo while we were sitting at a red light. How can you NOT love a blue door, particularly when there's a birch tree out front?

Autumn in Suburbia (304/365 10-31-09)

It was one of those beautiful autumn days, and I made my way out into the yard for a quick session of making photos. Here the satellite cable, gutter, downspout, and brick wall all make for an interesting counterpart to the sky and changing tree.

Made with a Lensbaby Composer (with the Plastic Lens Optic insert) mounted on a Canon 5D Mark II.

Veiled Verdure (246/366 09-05-09)

While in my tent at the Oak Brook show, I couldn't help but make a photograph of this bit of foliage that was laying on the roof. The light, the colors, and the translucent material all combined to make an intriguing scene.

(Incidentally, Margie Hurwich, a friend of mine and a terrific photographer, mad a similar shot when she was visiting me. I can't wait to see how her's turned out!)