Excited About Savings

Excited About Savings As I walk down the street, I will often shoot from the hip--estimating exposure, focus, and composition--when I see something interesting and don't have time to put camera to eye. Often, the shot is not exactly what I wanted, but sometimes everything falls into place.

In this case, I saw this young fellow playing around in the window of a mattress store as I walked up Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. I was able to make two shots before everything changed, and this one struck a chord with me. I really liked the effect the window provided with the combination of reflections and transparency.

The Place to Go if You're Looking for One

My wife and I headed into the city (Chicago) to check out a store we had heard about. Across the street, I saw this storefront and just knew I had to make a photo of it.



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While on a photo walk up Roosevelt Road in Oak Park, I had an opportunity to grab this shot. Not only was I drawn to all that was going on in this scene, but also the simplicity of the look of the word "store."

Kochevar Squares (022/365 01-22-2010)

When I saw this scene with the bricks, the doors, and the glass block windows, I just knew I had to get a photo. The overcast day provided perfect diffused light for the scene, and I couldn't have been happier.


To learn more about my why I am so excited to begin my second straight Project 365 (a year of making a photo a day, every day) please take a moment to check out my post from December 30, 2009 entitled Lots O' Learning and Pictures.

Meat Market (225/366 08-13-09)

The grocery story is always an interesting place for photos, but I'm far too self-conscious to casually use a big DSLR in a store. But the camera on the iPhone is a nifty little tool for capturing those slice of life moments. Here, it's more like "slice of lunch meat" moments.

Polarize (faux Polaroid filter) applied.

Where the Carts Should Be (062/365 03-03-09)

At our local grocery store, they have this little section off to the side of the entrance where they store the overflow of shopping carts. It's so rarely empty that I just had to make an exposure.