Waiting for a Pastoral Moment

While visiting Cantigny Gardens in Wheaton, IL, I saw this scene and just knew I had to grab a photo. It felt both promising and lonely...and so for me it felt full of story.

Waiting for a Pastoral Moment

Waiting for a Pastoral Moment

Waiting Room (341/365 12-07-2009)

I took my wife to her optometrist appointment, and while I was waiting in the waiting room, I was struck by the scene right in front of me. Of course I had my camera bag with me, so I took out my camera and made a few shots.

Have a Seat and Wait (288/365 10-15-09)

I looked at these side chairs and thought they could be found in any office or any waiting room in Anytown, USA. There's something about the mundane...the wallpaper of our lives...that seems so strange when you look at it out of context--sort of the opposite of the phenomenon of saying a common word over and over again until it has no meaning.


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Late Lunch (021/365 01-21-09)

My wife and I stepped out for a late lunch. While waiting for our food, I couldn't help but enjoy the way the afternoon light streamed in through the picture windows and bathed the inside of the restaurant. Since I had my camera with me, I made an exposure.