A Terrific Honor

Screen Grab from CaptureMyChicago.com

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that one of my photos has won a prize in the Capture My Chicago contest.

The Capture My Chicago contest was a fun and very interesting process. Simply put, photographers uploaded Chicago related images to the Capture My Chicago website where the photographs were voted on by the community. Once the voting period concluded, the votes were tallied up and the best photographs (as determined by the vote as well as by editor selection) would be included in a hard-bound, coffee table book and an accompanying DVD. To quote their website, "The Capture My Chicago book and DVD is a really exciting project because it's a combination of your best photos, our best photos, and a democracy-style editing system. With this new approach, the book will truly be the best of the Greater Chicago area."

And since Capture My Chicago was presented by CBS 2 Chicago, during the run of the contest they also featured some of the photos on their afternoon and 10:00 newscasts. I was fortunate enough to have several of my photos make an appearance.

The book will be comprised of eight chapters: Friendly Faces; Arts, Culture & Food; Sports Spirit; Scapes of All Sorts; Recreation & Celebration; Newsworthy; Pets; and Landmarks & Architecture. I was hopeful that my work would make it into the book, but today I received an e-mail informing me that I have been selected as a prize winner. There are 18 prizes all together: a Grand Prize, a Cover Prize, and two prizes in each chapter (Highest Score & Editor's Choice). What makes this an even bigger honor is that over 28,000 photographs were submitted. In fact, according to their website, "2,480 photographers...submitted 28,144 photos," and the community "cast 2,388,443 votes to shape the Capture My Chicago book."

I will learn which photograph received the honor next month at the presentation reception.

In the meantime, the book is available for pre-order. For a limited time, Capture My Chicago is running a special offer of $10.00 off the book...and free shipping. And, along with the book, you will receive the free DVD that contains hundreds of great photos of the Greater Chicago area. To buy the book, you can click here. To learn more about Capture My Chicago, please visit their website at capturemychicago.com.