A River Returns What Has Fallen

[flickr id="6333164730" thumbnail="medium" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="center"] I was walking along the banks of a river and noticed these leafs floating across the surface. I moved from side to side to find an interesting angle and, as I did so, the reflection of the bare trees on the far bank came into play. I couldn't help but notice the visual trick of replacing the fallen leafs back upon the trees. I made a few shots but wasn't very happy with the outcome. At that point, I deliberately underexposed and, voila, I was much happier.

Happy Halloween from Dexter

[flickr id="6290664888" thumbnail="medium" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="center"] Our dog, Dexter, was playing in the yard. I thought I'd take a few photos of him since the light was nice and diffused. I managed to catch him mid yawn with the jack-o-lantern in the background...but it looked like he was posing for a spooky halloween moment!

October Kayak

[flickr id="6279961137" thumbnail="medium" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="center"] While photographing around the Fullersburg Nature Center/Graue Mill area, I saw this gentleman kayaking down Salt Creek. I managed to grab this photo before he paddled around a bend. I just love the fact that he was wearing this photographically friendly red jacket!

Carving Party

[flickr id="6277280329" thumbnail="medium" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="center"] I had a sense that this pumpkin carving party would be a natural setting to pull out the ol' fisheye lens. I always have a whole lotta fun using it!


[flickr id="6259872014" thumbnail="medium" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="center"] Autumn is such a richly visual season. I love finding those quiet yet meaningful moments during a fall day. For this photograph, I pulled over into a forest preserve grove and just wandered around for a while with camera in hand. I eventually came upon this cluster of dead leafs lingering on the branch. I used my ultra-wide angle/fisheye lens to capture the tree in the background to add some context to the scene.

Autumnal Pumpkin

[flickr id="6174253138" thumbnail="medium" overlay="false" size="small" group="" align="center"] I debated for some time whether or not I would post this photo. I felt it might be too...precious. But I kept coming back to it in my "upload" folder and I kept liking it. So here it is.

This pumpkin was part of an autumnal wreath, and I used a small aperture to isolate it.

Reclining Gnome and Concrete Morel

Reclining Gnome and Concrete Morel When my wife and I put up a new fence in our yard, a little corner where a bush used to be ended up being empty. We decided to make a little gnome village there, and so we are always on the lookout for gnomes. While in Spring Green, WI recently, we stopped at a roadside stand that sold statuary. We found this guy and the mushroom, and so he made it into this spot.

Harvest (324/365 11-20-09)

Harvest (324/365 11-20-09)

Originally uploaded by CarusoPhoto

I was driving around north-western Illinois just looking for photographs. I saw a small cemetery at the side of the two-lane I was traveling and decided to explore. I saw this garbage can overflowing with old flowers juxtaposed with the late autumn field and just knew it was somethings I wanted to photograph.

Crossing Guards (309/365 11-05-09)

A crisp, autumn morning...leaves rustling in the breeze and under foot...and crossing guards at a busy intersection: such are the things that make for a moment captured. Of course when I was a kid, the crossing guards were just, well, older kids who wore those orange seat-belt looking things, not the fancy vests of today's modern guards.

Backyard Leaves, Autumn (307/365 11-03-09)

I was struck by the beautiful blanket of leaves in our yard, so naturally I got out my camera and made some photographs.


To read more about my on-going quest to make a photo-a-day, every day, in 2009--my Project 365--please take a moment to check out my post from December 30, 2008 appropriately titled, "Project 365" as well as my 50 day update, similarly appropriately titled, "50 Days? Already?" my more cryptically titled 100 day update, "Day 100...or The Last-Call, Whiskey-Soaked Plan That Didn't Die," the rather pedestrian-titled half-year update, "And in a Blink, a Half a Year is Gone…," and the verbosely titled, "A Hard Time Seeing the Trees for the Forest –or- What I’ve Been Learning these Past 300 Days."

Autumn in Suburbia (304/365 10-31-09)

It was one of those beautiful autumn days, and I made my way out into the yard for a quick session of making photos. Here the satellite cable, gutter, downspout, and brick wall all make for an interesting counterpart to the sky and changing tree.

Made with a Lensbaby Composer (with the Plastic Lens Optic insert) mounted on a Canon 5D Mark II.

Autumn Curb (292/365 10-19-09)

I was walking down the street and saw this scene in the curb. I couldn't pass up the lines, the angle, and the colors.

Made with my iPhone with some minor post-production work in PSCS4.